June 2023

The Ladies Are Jumping Again!

The ladies are jumping again this 24th June.

Our fearless founder Kirsha Kaechele is at it again! Ladies Who Jump is on back on this year and the fundraising goal is bigger than ever! $300,000 to fund our 24 Carrot Gardens program in Tasmanian schools.

It’s that time of year again, when brave ‘ladies’ (whatever that means for you) take the plunge into Tasmania’s icy waters to raise funds for 24 Carrot Gardens!

Ladies Who Jump, this year held on 24 June, is your chance to rally a team together, get your kit off and to warm our hearts by generously donating to a great cause – healthy gardens, communities and schools across the state.  

Need inspiration? Last year’s team captains and jump veterans the Crispy Carrots, Taroona Tough Titties and the Bruny Island Ladies share their expert advice.

  • - Choose your preferred body of water based on accessibility, beauty and how public or private you prefer your plunge to be 
  • - Pick your time of day – plunging as the sun comes up is guaranteed to keep you invigorated for the rest of the day 
  • - Indulge in ‘spiked’ coffee for dutch courage and to get the blood moving through your body
  • - You’re nude in nature – enjoy it!
  • - Shrieks, swear words and squeals are encouraged
  • - Remember it’s not how far you plunge that counts but that you plunged at all  
  • - A fire pot will bring warmth back to your bones post plunge
  • - Be prepared for the full body post dip tingle and glow 
  • - Let the thought of the 24 Carrot Gardens team and hundreds of Tasmanian kids and communities having access to healthy produce and gardens warm your heart!

Ready to take the plunge? 

Join the jump or donate here


Image: Yasmin Mund