Our Impact

24 Carrot Gardens is a place-based activation to drive long-term systems change.

The challenges of low food literacy and limited access to locally grown, nutritious and affordable food won’t be solved overnight, but through an engaging learning model we can start to change cycles of disadvantage and promote more positive and healthy trajectories over the span of a generation.

The program, which is centred around inquiry and enjoyment, equips young people with practical skills, positive habits and an appetite for lifelong learning. 

-Since breaking ground in 2014, we have reached over 4,100 young people through our kitchen garden program.

-Each student that encounters the program is engaged over multiple years of their school life.

-Over 260 hours of hands-on learning takes place in the garden and kitchen every week, led by 41 skilled and passionate educators — our Specialists!

Our Ethos

We believe that the integration of design and art into our growing and cooking program enriches the experiences that students have around food.

Our zero waste approach encourages students and school communities to think creatively and sustainably, reimagining their canteen and event menus and setting up compost and vermiculture systems to turn school food waste into fertile soil. Students are also given opportunities to hand make ceramic tableware and natural-dyed fabric napkins, creating beautiful table settings that move away from single use or short lived alternatives.

‘What differentiates us from other programs is the integration of art and lifestyle into every aspect of the project… we believe this artfulness is transformative.’

— Kirsha Kaechele, Founder and Creative Director