The 24 Carrot Gardens program establishes gardens in schools and communities where children learn to grow, cook and eat healthy produce. 

All of this is done stylishly and sustainably, with our zero-waste policy—we host ceramic workshops where students make their own tableware to eat and serve from, eliminating the need for single-use, disposable products. Reusable napkins are dyed using plants from the garden. 

Our gardens are located in Tasmanian schools and communities, and at our sister campus—the Material Institute in New Orleans, USA.

School Gardens

Our educational program sets the gold standard for school kitchen gardens. We are proudly aligned with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation and Colony 47 and offer fun learning activities in the fields of art, science, sustainability and culinary art.

Read more about our school garden program here.

Community Projects

Our community projects are led by our charity the Material Institute to provide neighbourhoods with access to healthy, delicious food. Participants learn to grow and cook produce from the garden, and enjoy the benefits of a nutritious diet. Our Market Garden social enterprise Botanical in Bridgewater also offers volunteer opportunities and work experience placements.

Our two gardens are located in the LGA of Brighton: at Bond Place in Gagebook and at Botanical in Bridgewater.


Each 24 Carrot School and neighbourhood garden is paired with a leading architectural firm to develop a unique garden design. The firm collaborates with the community on all stages of development, and engages the students as both client and co-designer.

Families and the larger community participate in the building of the gardens, which include: shaded learning and cooking areas; communal dining tables; outdoor kitchens; food gardens and fruit orchards; greenhouses; chicken coops; composting and vermiculture facilities; water harvesting and storage systems; and water-wise irrigation systems.

Zero waste

All 24 Carrot gardens operate with sustainability principles in mind, including our zero-waste practice and revegetation of the surrounding neighbourhood. We encourage students to reimagine canteen menus, establish a school compost, and implement a zero-waste policy.

Ceramic workshops produce tableware to eat and serve food on, eliminating disposable waste, and table linens are dyed with plants from the garden.


Art is integrated into every 24 Carrot space. Children learn to grow, harvest and prepare delicious and artful menus. They set the table for their class and come together to enjoy what they’ve created. Kids make their own ceramic vessels from which to eat—thus transforming the table into something deeply aesthetic.


In addition to all the principals, teachers and volunteers involved with 24 Carrot Gardens, this team oversees the establishment and operations of the project:

Kirsha Kaechele, Founder and Creative Director 

Sarah Proud, CEO, Material Institute

Reuben Parker-Greer, Development Project Manager

Tamas Oszvald, Senior Project Manager

Kristina McCarthy, Project Manager

Andy Rushton, Project Manager

Simon Dunne, Project Manager

Joanne Dean, Project Manager

Minna Bright, Project Lead

Lou Sales, Horticulturist

Vladimir Panevin, Chef

Catherine Woo, Art Program Producer

Georgie Vozaar, Clay Studio Producer

Yasmin Mund, Content Manager

Zoe Rose, Social Media Coordinator

Jordan Wright, Operations Manager