December 2022

Let’s Celebrate! 

24 Carrot Gardens is the core education program of the Material Institute Lutruwita/Tasmania. And we are proud to announce (trumpets…!), that through the efforts of our hard-working Board and team, the Material Institute is now officially a charity!

We’re here for a very good cause - to raise a gazillion dollars for the 24 Carrot Gardens program so we can bring school gardens, nutrition and education through artful experiences to regenerate communities across Lutruwita/Tasmania. 

We’re excited about our new charitable status because it grows our potential to deliver even more programs, and with them, greater opportunity to more Tasmanian communities.  

Since establishing Material Institute in 2021, we have:

 - established 5 new primary school programs in the north of the state and 4 new high school programs in the south

 - secured over 2.3M in funding through philanthropy, grants, government support and curated events

 - delivered over 100 in-school kitchen and garden classes to an audience of over 1500 students 

 - hosted over 750 students in 2022 alone, at our base camp, Botanical Institute, in the heart of Bridgewater for hands-on learning experiences in gardening, cooking and the creative arts

We acknowledge the generosity and contribution of our past and current patrons, associates, friends and every community donor, partner and sponsor who has dug deep and galvanised our impact through their passion for our purpose. 

Every gift no matter how big or small makes a positive difference. Your generosity can buy garden tools and equipment, mulch and pots, clay, cooking and art supplies or seed new gardens in schools and communities across Tasmania.

In 2023, we’re excited to be launching new ways you can get involved and support 24 Carrot Gardens so stay tuned! Or you’re always welcome to drop off a fruit tree (or a bag of cash) to Botanical or our spiritual home, Mona.

We tailor our sponsorships and partnerships so feel free to drop us a line.  We’d love to hear from you, take you on a tour of one of our gardens or host you at an upcoming events. 

Or if you prefer, make a donation here. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. 

As we embark on our first year as a charity, we would like to take this moment to extend our immense gratitude to:

- the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens and Colony47 for auspicing the 24 Carrot Gardens program since 2013

- the inaugural 24 Carrot Gardens program steering group  - Renate Hughes, Angela Miezitis, Niall Doran and Robert Sveen

- Material Institute Board members Kirsha Kaechele, Patrick Kelly, Nic Whyte, John Balazs and Kelly-Anne Williams.