December 2023

Vlad's Pumpkin and Chickpea Curry


½  cup oil

2 brown onion

2 Tbsp curry spice mix

50g- 2 heaped tbsp tomato paste

1 butternut pumpkin 

2 bunches bay carrots

1 cauliflower

3 cans coconut milk

2 tin chickpeas- drained

2 cups vegetable stock

Lime juice to taste

6 handfuls baby spinach- chopped if large 

400g green beans 


  • Prepare the vegetables, finely dice onions, slice carrots and dice pumpkin into 1-2 cm cubes, top the beans and slice into bite size pieces
  • Prepare the cauliflower coconut milk. Roughly chop the cauliflower, blend with the coconut milk and stock until smooth-ish. 
  • Heat oil in a large pot, sauté onion until softened and just starting to become golden. 
  • Add tomato paste and spice mix to the onion, cook for a minute or 2 until fragrant
  • Add the carrot and pumpkin, stir so they are coated in the paste and spice mix
  • Add the blended coconut and cauliflower, beans and chickpeas, season, stir and bring to a simmer. 
  • Cover and simmer until veggies are tender
  • Remove lid and stir through the spinach and lime, season if necessary 

makes- 4)

150g plain wholemeal flour or atta flour

pinch salt

80ml hot water- not boiling

20g vegetable oil


Stir salt through flour
Add oil and water, knead until a smooth dough forms
Rest 10 minutes
Divide into 4 pieces
Roll into thin rounds or sheets
Cook on hotplate flipping every 30 seconds until cooked
Store wrapped in towel until ready to eat


3 carrots grated- large holes on box grater
2 tbsp Coriander seed

½ tbsp Cumin seed 

1-2 tbsp Dry or fresh turmeric 

4 cups rice* 

* the quantity of rice can be scaled, make sure to add the same volume of water


In a large pot over medium high heat lightly toast the seeds until fragrant, then crush in a mortar and pestle
Add a few tbsp of sunflower oil and saute the carrots 
Add turmeric and seeds and cook for another minute
Add rice and 1 tbsp salt and stir to coat all the grains in the mixture
Toast for a minute or two 
Transfer to the rice cooker, add the amount of water required and cook